Program Areas at Forest Springs

We've Got Fun Covered All Year Long!

Are you a thrill seeker? A sports fanatic? Maybe you're just looking to learn a new skill. Regardless, Forest Springs has just the right program area for you. Our program areas make the most of each season - like water sports in the summer and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. With dozens of activity options, you'll be sure to find one that's just right for you!


on James Lake

No matter the season, life at camp revolves around the fun to be had on James Lake! During our summer months, we staff our waterfront with trained and certified lifeguards to provide safe fun for all.


Forest Springs has the privilege of resting on the shores of beautiful James Lake. Our waterfront is open during scheduled program periods and is overseen by a trained and certified lifeguarding staff. Enjoy zipping down the inflatable slide or practice your cannonballs off of the raft’s diving board.


Canoeing, sailing, kayaking, and paddle boating are all options that are available when the waterfront is open. You may also take out our rowboats for fishing or fun!


James Lake is a very good lake for fishing. You may fish from our fishing dock or use a rowboat. Make sure that you have a valid Wisconsin fishing license (which you can get in the local community), and fill out our boating release form (available at the Ministry Center).


Our handcrafts program, which is open during camp-run programs in the spring, summer and fall, is stocked with a large variety of crafts that are available for a small fee.

The trained instructors will help you create a wonderful souvenir that will help you remember your time at Forest Springs!

We offer a variety of craft projects*, including:

  • bead art
  • bracelets
  • paint projects
  • sand art
  • shrink art
  • t-shirts tie-dye

and more!

*Handcrafts options are subject to change based on availability

Climbing Tower

Our newly completed climbing tower provides an incredible opportunity for campers to experience indoor climbing at camp!

How high is your climbing tower?

Our climbing tower is one of the largest indoor climbing facilities in Wisconsin, taking climbers up over 42' at the top.

Is it easy to climb?

There are climbing routes are designed for every level, from those climbing for the first time to those looking for a very difficult challenge. Want to try beat the record on our Olympics speed-climbing course?

What equipment do you provide?

We have several climbs with state-of-the-art auto-belays, which belay climbers automatically. We also offer several top-rope climbs, where climbers are belayed by our certified staff. In addition to these safety features, we have safety harnesses and helmets for most sizes and ages. We even offer climbing shoes for those interested.

High Ropes Course

The High Ropes Course is a unique, intense, and fun experience! Participants will learn about faith, trust, overcoming fears, and teamwork.

One of the unique aspects of this course is that participants must work together as a team. This makes the course perfect for groups such as junior high and high school groups, sports teams, and colleagues.

Participants are challenged in a non-competitive, non-judgmental environment to tackle various physical and emotional risks. Growth and learning take place as participants process the experience and talk about life applications during and after their time on the course.

What is the structure like?

The course is a two-tiered structure, built into a hillside, with levels ranging from 30 feet to 50 feet off the ground. The course, built in 2009, meets all industry standards and the facilitating staff have been professionally trained. All participants wear helmets and harnesses and are belayed through a static belay system for maximum safety.

Program Options:

Half-Day Option: A three-to-four-hour program that includes a progression of elements both on the ground and on the high ropes course.

Full-Day Option: A six-to-seven-hour program that includes a progression of initiative activities beginning on the low ropes course and moving to the high ropes course.

Interested in booking a High Ropes Course challenge for your family, sports team, youth group, or employees?

Call us at 715.436.7378 or e-mail us for pricing and availability.

Low Ropes Challenge Course

Ready to tackle challenges, build trust, improve communication, and work together more effectively?

Through a variety of team-building elements, participants are challenged to tackle various physical and emotional risks. Growth and learning take place as participants process the experience and talk about life applications during and after their time on the course.

This makes it ideal for families, sports teams, co-workers, or any group looking to strengthen leadership development or group dynamics.

Interested in booking a Low Ropes Course challenge for your family, sports team, youth group, or employees?

Call us at 715.436.7378 or e-mail us for pricing and availability.


The Forest Springs Mini-Farm is operational from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend each summer during youth camps and family camps.


With a large variety of animals, including chickens, pigs, goats, ducks, rabbits, turkeys, kittens, sheep, and burros, the Mini-Farm will be one of the summer highlights of your time at Forest Springs.


The trained Mini-farmer will be available during summer camp-run programs to help with activities such as burro rides, milking the goat, or teaching special lessons about the farm animals. Make sure to try out the challenging hay maze on the second floor of the barn as well as climb up into the tree fort!


Forest Springs' paintball program, facilitated by trained staff, can really get the adrenaline pumping. Teams can choose from a variety of games and missions - all created to offer challenging opportunities to build teamwork and provide great memories.

Paintball is offered during the spring, summer, and fall for guests ages 10 and up. It's the perfect activity for clubs, sports teams, and any youth or adult group seeking to strengthen leadership development and group dynamics. There is an additional fee for paintball activities at Forest Springs.

For more information on how your group can book a paintball session, call us at 715.436.7378 or e-mail us.

Recreation Building

The Recreation Building is always buzzing with activities all year long. What that activity is...well, that's up to you!


Enjoy a game of pick-up basketball with friends in the covered recreation building.


Do you enjoy volleyball? If so, our recreation building is a great place to gather with friends and family to play!

Climbing Wall

Choose your route. Test your endurance. Learn new skills. Forest Springs' climbing wall, operated by trained staff, offers guests an opportunity to challenge themselves as they conquer climbing routes of varying degrees of difficulty.


Are you ready for a friendly game of shuffleboard?


Right outside of the recreation building are two horseshoe pits.

Winter Activities

We also use the recreation building during the winter to house one of our ice rinks. You may play broomball, ice hockey, skate, or enjoy a camp favorite: Animal Ball!

Recreation Field

Our recreation field is the hub of many great Forest Springs activities. Do you want to move up the ranks of archery or air rifles, brush up on your tennis game, or play a friendly game of softball? We've got you covered!


Try out your hand at shooting a state-of-the-art Genesis compound bow, or, you may also shoot with our traditional recurve bows as well. Campers have the option of earning ranks and awards through the American Archery Association.

Air Rifles

Test your marksmanship at our air rifle range. You may earn awards and pass ranks by demonstrating your sharpshooting!

Lighted Tennis Courts

Enjoy playing on our lighted tennis courts. You may bring your own racket or use the equipment that we provide.

Miniature Golf

During your stay, make sure to play a round on our 18-hole miniature golf course.

Softball/Soccer Field

Our recreation field can be used for a variety of activities. Softball, soccer, and tossing a Frisbee are all common sights here.

Frisbee Golf

Are you up for the challenge that our nine-hole Frisbee golf course presents? You need to weave your Frisbee disc across the field, up and down the hills, and in between the trees in order to land in the official metal disc golf baskets.

Trail System

Forest Springs is pleased to offer over 20 kilometers of well-maintained trails to be used for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, mountain biking, and hiking.

Download a trail map and start planning your adventure!

Mountain Biking

Feel free to bring your own bicycle and enjoy the 20+ kilometers of graveled trails. You may also rent mountain bikes from Forest Springs for a small hourly fee.


Our trail system is great for people who want to get outside and hike. Check the trail map for the locations of several quiet benches that are to be used for prayer, reading, or reflecting. We also have a number of spots that are well-suited for picnics.

Cross Country Skiing

We have 20km of trails groomed for classic and skate skiing. The glacial moraine landscape lends itself to a trail system with a variable terrain. We have 12 loop trails, mostly 1 to 2 km in length and varying from easy to quite difficult. They are wood trails (northern hardwoods plus pines and hemlocks) that are groomed daily - averaging 12 feet in width.


We have several kilometers of trails marked out and designated to be used for snowshoeing. You may bring your own snowshoes or rent some from our Ski Shop.

Winter Sports Areas

During the winter months (January through early March), we transform our program areas to help our guests get out and enjoy winter sports. From downhill skiing to snowshoeing, we offer something for everyone.

Learn more about our winter program areas here!

Featuring Free Lessons

Enjoy the sports of skiing or snowboarding by taking free lessons from our trained instructors, offered anytime the ski hill or trails are open!

We Offer Rentals

The Ski Shop is equipped with top-quality downhill and cross-country ski rentals, as well as snowboards, snowshoe rentals, and ice skates.


One of the highlights for winter campers at Forest Springs is our ski hill! Featuring seven different runs, plus a beginner's "bunny hill" and training area, Sunset Hill has something for every age and ability level.


The big and small tubing runs are one of our most exhilarating winter program areas!


We have 20km of trails groomed for classic and skate skiing.


We have several kilometers of beautiful trails designated especially for snowshoeing.


Whether you'd like to ice skate, play broomball or animal ball, we feature an indoor ice and outdoor rinks, as conditions permit.