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Ministry Strategies

The following fundamental methods and theories will be employed in order to fulfill the our mission statement and desired outcomes of ministry. These methods and theories would answer the basic question, "How will Forest Springs Camp & Conference Center achieve these desired outcomes?"

By operating as an arm of the local church

Since Jesus Christ Himself authorized the formation of the Church, which is His body, and since believers coming together in a given locality constitutes the local church, our focus would be to assist and help local churches in their ministry and service by providing a setting through which the local church is able to serve its members. We see ourselves as a tool to help the church do its ministry.

By strengthening family units

Scripture often refers to family relationships. Scripture indicates that the two primary institutions established by God are the church and marriage. We desire to strengthen individual family units through creative programming and Bible-centered spiritual training.

By effectively using the Christian camping environment

The sense of awayness, the focused time in the Word, and qualified, dedicated Christian staff all contribute to an environment that is very effective in reaching people for Christ. Ted Ward, a leading Christian educator, says, "Camping is the most effective tool for Christian education available today." Our desire is to facilitate spiritual growth by creating opportunities for stillness (Psalm 46:10), experience of creation (Psalm 19:1-2), and reflection (Psalm 143:5-6). We recognize the value of rest, refreshment, and reflection.

Through a trained, dedicated staff committed to servant leadership

Because of the spiritual nature of Forest Springs' ministry, the organization depends on staff who are (1) spiritually qualified to fulfill the spiritual responsibilities of our ministry, (2) who are able to use God's Word as truth, and (3) who believe in the power and necessity of prayer. Our focus is to model the example of servant leadership established by Christ in His relationships with other people.

By teaching life-long skills

We provide a wide variety of physical opportunities for guests. Our desire is to teach activities that will produce a high level of life-long skills.

By providing safe fun

This method has a two-fold thrust. We would desire to not only provide a wide variety of fun experiences, but to provide those experiences in the safest possible manner. Our focus is to provide varied opportunities for safe fun.

Through an emphasis on environmental awareness

Of all people, Christians should be vitally concerned with caring for God's creation. This method is designed to instill an awareness of the environment as God's creation with an understanding of good stewardship of natural resources.

By seeking to exceed expectations

Seek to maintain the highest possible level in programs, such that guest expectations are not only met, but surpassed, while at the same time seeking to maintain affordability for our constituency.

By developing and providing excellent facilities

Our focus will be to strive to maintain the highest quality facilities possible. By maintaining high standards, we model good stewardship of God's resources as well as create a desirable environment for returning guests.

By seeking to nurture and develop staff

Maintain a commitment to nurture and empower our own staff in their areas of spiritual giftedness.

By providing a quality educational training program for camping leaders

In close partnership with our cooperating colleges, seek to develop and maintain a training program for future camping leaders of the highest educational standards.

By seeking to assist with the world-wide ministry of Christian camping

As God leads, our desire is to assist with the movement of Christian camping around the world, through such avenues as advising other camp ministries and Christian Camping International.

By seeking to be "students of our culture"

We recognize that we function with certain cultural parameters. Our ministry is based within a very worldly setting, within a unique culture which is constantly changing. Therefore, as we develop ministry programs, we acknowledge the cultural parameters which may influence our ministry strategies and programs.

By using artistic excellence in outreach programs

Through our outreach ministries teams, we desire to effectively use the arts, such as music, drama, and puppets, to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ and to encourage believers in their relationships with God.