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Greetings from Forest Springs! My name is Jason Dananay, and I work with staff alumni here at camp. During my time as an LTD student and as a member of Forest Springs' missionary staff, I’ve seen God use the staff at Forest Springs to impact many lives in amazing ways.

As I work with alumni, it is my desire to create relationships with past and present camp staff and to keep them engaged with the ministry of Forest Springs.  We developed the Forest Springs Staff Alumni Association to provide continuing and organized support for all former staff members, as well as this ministry that has so deeply touched all of our lives, and to provide in such a way as to ensure its future.  The future of this great ministry is through the ones who have had a part in it…you.

We’ve developed our Staff Alumni Association with this message…Continuing the Heritage.  It’s my belief that your service at camp impacted countless lives and that as a staff alumnus, your love and service for the Lord is continuing. With your partnership with Forest Springs, we can build a heritage into the lives of future staff members who will bring God’s word to the next generation.

We look forward to “Continuing the Heritage” with you through the ministry of Forest Springs.  To GOD be the glory!!

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