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Where Are They Now?...

Ever wondered what happened to ___________? This section of the Staff Alumni Site is designed to give you a glimpse into the lives of some fellow staff alumni after their time of service at camp.

February 11th, 2015

Jason Buege

Jason Buege

My family has been going to Forest Springs since before I was born.  Our experience at camp has always been one of relaxation, bonding and being re-energized by God through sermons and song.

 I decided to work at Forest Springs as a volunteer for a few weeks over the winter when work was slow in Chicago to give back to the camp a small portion of what they had invested in my life.  Although the weeks were full of long hours in sometimes inclement weather conditions it really didn't seem like work when surrounded by such a caring enthusiastic and Christ centered group of coworkers.  Just a week ago I had the opportunity to drive our high schoolers back from camp and got to catch up with a few staff that i worked with and for previous years. What a great time of sharing and encouraging.  Looking forward to the next time I'm able to go!

September 22nd, 2014

Greg & Nicole Schmidt

Greg & Nicole Schmidt

There is no question in our minds that we are in full-time vocational ministry because of God’s work through Camp Forest Springs!

Our story is a story that is rather common (yet testifies to God’s work) from the ministry of Camp Forest Springs. We met each other while counseling the summer of 2000. We were away from each other while Greg served as the senior counselor in 2001 and Nicole was serving at her home church. We served alongside each other in the wilderness ministry for the summers of 2002 and 2003, and then we ended up dating 3 years after first meeting! 7 months after dating, we were engaged!

Yet while we met at CFS, God also used camp to call us into ministry. After our time serving at Camp Forest Springs from 2000-2004, we moved to Colorado where Greg received his M.Div from Denver Seminary and Nicole directed the Short-Term mission trips at Colorado Christian University.

After graduating from Denver Seminary, Greg and Nicole moved to Wausau where Greg began serving as an Associate Pastor of Worship and Youth Ministries at Wausau Alliance Church. After 7 amazing years, Greg is now serving as the Senior Pastor of Wausau Alliance.

We have been absolutely blessed with 4 beautiful healthy children. Carter is 7, Eliana is 5, Malia is 3, and Beckham is 5 months.

God has instilled a sense of urgency and intentionality in us when it comes to ministering to people within the church context because of our experience at CFS. He has called us to make disciples who make disciples, not to make disciples who attend Bible Studies and merely consume. What a privilege it is for God to choose to use us to accomplish His purposes!

May 20th, 2014

Nathanael (Beaner) & Sara Bresson

Nathanael (Beaner) & Sara Bresson

As I sit down at the computer to write this I can't help but smile at the two happy, bubbly, messy little girlies who are pulling on me, begging for my attention. It is my privilege to take time to reflect and thank God for Camp Forest Springs, the place I met my husband.

I grew up as a staff kid at CFS. My family moved from camp when I was young. Because Camp always felt like "home" to me I came back every opportunity I had. My first summer working at Camp was the summer I counseled (2005). That summer changed my life, and I continued to spend my summers at CFS. I was a Trip Leader in 2007 and 2008 and served as the girls’ Staff Counselor in 2009, which was my final year working as summer staff. I also had the privilege to be contract staff in the winter of 2006 after graduating from college. During my first summer, I happened to have an incredibly attractive Senior Counselor, Nathanael Bresson (here on referred to as Beaner) who *SPOILER ALERT* eventually became my husband. We did not know it at the time, but God would bring us together years later.

Beaner began going to CFS as both a family camper and Super High camper. He counseled in 2004 and was asked to be Senior Counselor the following summer. After graduating from college in 2006, he participated in the LTD program, working as a Trip Leader that summer. Beaner also worked as a Wilderness Specialist for Adventure Ministries during the summers of 2008 and 2009.

Beaner and I got married in 2011 and we moved to Oviedo, Florida to teach at a Christian school. I had taught Kindergarten for 5 years, and Beaner was about to embark on his first year as a high school math teacher. He also was the JV soccer coach and assistant for Varsity soccer team. Then came the news… we were pregnant… with… TWINS!!! Trust me, we didn't believe it either until the nurse spelled it out for us.

Once the twins were born, I stopped teaching to be a full time stay at home mom. After one more year in Florida, we decided to move back to Wisconsin to be closer to family. Bean got a job teaching at Baraboo High School in Baraboo, WI (which happens to be near the climbing/camping hotspot of Devils Lake, where we have many fond memories from our time with the wilderness program). He will also be the Boys’ Varsity soccer coach next year. This is “Where We Are Now”!!

I cannot begin to tell you how Camp has played a major roll in so much of our story. The tools and teachings we learned there have helped us in our many rolls: teachers, husband and wife, parents. There are principles we learned through counselor training that we implement into our parenting. The principles we learned as Trip Leaders help us communicate with each other and help us be conscious learners in God’s creation. I have so many blessings (see attached picture) that have come as a result of my time at CFS. It is important to us that our children get the same opportunities to learn and grow at CFS, and we look forward to watching God continue to work in our family through Camp. BEST PLACE ON EARTH!!!!!

February 12th, 2014

Karla Altmaier Say

Karla Altmaier Say

My first summer at Camp Forest Springs was 1961 when I came as a counselor. While waiting for campers to arrive one of my first jobs was scrubbing the fireplace that is still a part of the remodeled Neale Lodge. I returned in 1962 and ended up joining missionary staff where I served in various capacities until 2007. My life was changed as I was assigned various duties that I didn’t feel qualified to do. There were times of stretching and training and seeing God’s faithfulness. I’m thankful for the 46 years I spent there as I stayed one extra year volunteering to help with the 50th Anniversary.

Little did I know that my life would change again when I moved to Bradenton Missionary Village in Bradenton, Florida. It is now called iL Villaggio because it includes Christian workers and lay people. After all those years at camp as a single, God brought a wonderful Christian widower into my life. We met volunteering helping missionaries in our village with their computers and continue that and serving in various ways. We were married October 10, 2009. Paul served as a missionary builder in Argentina and the Dominican Republic. We try to get to Camp Forest Springs at least once a year. It’s so encouraging to see the long-term effect the ministry of camp has had in the lives of people. My campers from the early days are now bringing their grandchildren to camp.

Karla Altmaier Say - ksaltm@gmail.com

December 19th, 2013

Kerry Nutting

Camp Forest Springs is never far from my thoughts. So many memories, lasting friendships and life changing, refining moments occurred there!

I served on summer staff in a variety of positions for a total of 5 summers between the years of 2003-2010. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire as a Registered Nurse and worked in a hospital for a few years. Now I am serving in Haiti as the lead nurse of a non-profit organization called Children of the Promise.

You can follow my experiences there on my blog at http://kerryceleste.blogspot.com/.

November 15th, 2013

Carson & Maggie Nyquist

Carson & Maggie Nyquist

Carson and Maggie served at CFS during their college years at Moody Bible Institute. Maggie was a counselor in 07' and a senior counselor in 09'. Carson was a counselor in 08' and joined Maggie as the guys senior counselor in 09'. It was during that summer as senior counselors that Maggie and Carson fell in love and started dating. They got married the next summer on May 22nd, 2010.

Since their days at CFS, Carson has earned a Masters in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. After a quick stint in Madison, WI, Carson and Maggie moved to Colorado Springs, CO. It was during that move that Maggie found out she was pregnant! Cordelia Rose Nyquist was born on October 9th, 2013 and is doing great!

Carson is currently the Creative Director at Envision, the young adult branch of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He is also in the process of starting Motif, a creative studio for storytellers. Maggie is a local coordinator for ETC, a foreign exchange program based in Colorado Springs. She also tutors ESL students and hangs out with Cora. Follow Carson and Maggie on Twitter @carsonnyquist and @maggienyquist.

October 11th, 2013

Troy & Kristin Philipps

Troy & Kristin Philipps

Little do we realize when we’re kids that simple decisions can change our entire lives! Mine did…A friend of mine took me to his church when I was 10, and I gave my life to Jesus. Shortly after that I went on a canoe trip with Camp Forest Springs. Wow, living on granola for 7 days was quite an experience! (Things were very different on canoe trips back in the days of black and white TV)

Today, I am so blessed to have been on staff the summer of 1984 working on the waterfront. It was a wonderful time of growth, and seeing my wife for the very first time! My children have spent each summer of their lives at family camp. If you ask them about going on vacation you will get the same answer. It is always Camp Forest Springs. Yes, CFS has left a mark on the hearts of my life, my wife’s life, and now my kids.

I am thankful to those who have gone before us, and made the sacrifices to provide a safe and beautiful place to hear God’s Word. Yes, lives are changed at camp.. .including mine! Today we have 3 generations at CFS.

My father in law is on the board, and my son has volunteered on summer staff the last 2 summers, and I guess I’m just an alumni now. We have truly been blessed…

Troy Philipps

1981 Graduated HS LeGrand, Iowa
1985 Graduated Grace College, Winona Lake, IN
1985-1990 Inner City Impact, Chicago, IL
1990 to present President of Reliable High Performance Products, Inc
Currently reside in Naperville, Illinois
Email me at troy@shopreliable.com