A Message to Our Friends about COVID-19

Last Updated - 5/28/20

Dear Family Campers,

There is so much going on right now and Forest Springs staff is working tirelessly to put together a Family Camp plan that is safe for our campers and staff.  We have been following the changing situation daily and have been updating our plan each week.  We feel like it is time to bring you in on what to expect for your Family Camp experience this summer at this point.

We are excited that we are able to still serve you this summer, but we want to do that cautiously.  We need your help with this plan in order the keep everyone safe and respecting each person’s stance on the COVID-19 issue.

Here are a few changes for this summer:

Registration – The entire registration process will happen from inside your vehicle.

1. Please plan to pre-pay your balance and put store money on your account prior to arrival at Forest Springs or be prepared to pay with a check.

2. Every person in your vehicle will have their temperature checked and will need to answer the health screening questions.  Click here for the Health Screening Questions.  If anyone in your vehicle has a temperature greater than 100 when you arrive you will not be permitted to register for camp.

3. After you have been screened and payment has been cared for you will be directed to your housing unit where you will find your welcome packet. 

4. All campers must travel from their house to camp in a car and not travel by plane.

5. We ask that campers not have outside visitors during the week of camp.

6. Weeklong Family Camps will be shortened to a Monday afternoon arrival and a Friday afternoon departure.

Daily Health Screening – For the safety of all campers and staff we need you to follow these guidelines.

1. Please come prepared to take your entire family’s temperature daily while at camp.  If you forgot a thermometer we will assist you with this.

2. We encourage frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizer.

3. If at any time your health status changes during your week of camp you need to alert our staff AND be prepared to leave camp that same day.

4. If you are staying off-site you will need to stop at the front desk each day and have your temperature taken.

Worship Sessions – Praising God and studying God’s Word is important; therefore we are still planning to be together.

1. There will be 1 session daily and the session will be outside on the recreation field.  Please bring a blanket or lawn chairs for your family to sit on. (Sunscreen & Bug Spray would be helpful too)

2. No kid’s classes or nursery will be provided during sessions.  Your entire family will be together.

3. If there is any inclement weather we will change the time of session or session may be cancelled for that day.

Meals – Our typical food service style has changed drastically due to new guidelines.

1. Social distancing by 6ft in the dining hall reduces the number of people who can eat at one time.  We ask that you to eat as a family unit.

2. Your food and beverages will be served to you as you walk through the line as self-serve options are not available.

3. Food will be served in the dining hall and in the auditorium with seating available in those locations as well as Neale Lodge and outside on the patio.  There is enough space for about 80 people per location.

4. In order to space people out we ask that your family unit stays 6 ft. apart from other families while in line and there will be assigned meal times for your family to eat.

Program Areas – We desire to still have fun while at camp and stay safe while doing it.

1. There will be limited high adventure options this summer.

2. If social distancing can’t happen between our staff and campers or between campers, we will ask campers and staff to wear masks.

Stores – Ice Cream & Coffee needs to be a part of your camping experience.

1. Six feet of social distancing will be asked of you while you are in line and when seated at tables.

2. We would like everyone to utilize the store account system and use cash as little as possible.

3. Our staff will be wearing masks during their shift.

Cleaning – Keeping a clean facility will help with slowing the spread of any germs.

1. All dining/eating areas will be disinfected 3 times a day.

2. All bathrooms, door knobs, and other frequent touched surfaces will be disinfected 3 times a day.

3. We are in the process of installing new soap and hand sanitizer dispensers as well as paper towel dispensers to eliminate having to touch those items.

4. Main program areas will be disinfected in between each camper use…archery bows, air rifles, kayak paddles, handcraft tables and chairs, etc.

5. Mini-golf, rec shed items, and game-room items will be disinfected once a day.

6. There will be cups next to drinking fountains for your use.

7. Family campers staying in Lodge Rooms are asked to bring their own comforter/blanket.  Forest Springs will provide sheets, pillow cases, and towels for your room.

It is our desire that our campers abide by these rules in order to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. 

In Christ,

Pat Petkau

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