Closer Every Day!

With every day, we are rapidly moving closer to the day when we can begin to use at least parts of Neale Lodge!  The incredible addition and remodeling project of camp’s original lodge is scheduled to officially be open for partial use the day after Christmas… just in time for the first users to be our Wintertainment campers!

This past week, we have had an “all hands on deck” work week as all staff not only cleaned up after our 8th annual Dinner Theater, but also spent many hours in cleaning, laying carpet, setting up the new stores, unloading and unpacking new furniture, and an endless list of other details that accompany the opening of a new building.

Even though we would have loved to be able to open the entire building, we are only planning to open part of the building for use at Wintertainment.  The primary areas open for use will be our new stores (snack shop, coffee shop and gift shop) and our new fireside fellowship areas.  The game room will also be usable, although not in its finished state.  The lodge rooms will yet not be ready for guests.

Join us in PRAISING GOD for the work and the funding to date, and also continuing to PRAY for the work and ongoing needed finances to complete the project.

The Snack Shop
The view looking across Town Square in to what used to be Main Street Cafe.

The gift shop
Preparing the new gift shop.

Laying carpet squares

The brand new Coffee Shop
The brand new coffee shop! 

Laughing while working
Yes, we've been having fun!

Laying Carpet

Moving in to the new Gift Shop

New Snack Shop
The expanded snack shop serving area

Looking over James Lake
Can you picture yourself here?... Watching the lake with a hot cup of coffee and a good book??? :-)

New Seating Area
Eventually we will have booths in place of the couches pictured on the left.

New Town Square

Coffee Shop

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