Decoration Idea: Spring Tissue Paper Flowers

Spring Paper Flower Bouquet

A handful of sticks, some tissue paper, and hot glue and you have yourself some lovely flowers!  A few were curious about how the décor was made for our recent Women's Events.  It is easy, cheap, and practical!

If I can make them, trust me—you can too!  (I'm no gardener, but I can endure a hot glue burn like you wouldn't believe!)  Let’s get to work…

First, gather some sticks, tissue paper in the colors of your choice, and a hot glue gun.

Glue gun and twigs for Tissue Paper Flowers

Next, draw a flower shape with five petals on your tissue paper.  (This does not need to be even or perfect or glorious—note my lopsided example!…it doesn’t matter folks.) 

Cutting the Flower Petals
Flower Cutouts

Then, cut your petals.  Lots of them.  In the various colors of your choice.  I folded my tissue paper and cut a number of petals at the same time.  Seriously, fold and cut many at the same time so you don’t go crazy.

Flower Cutouts in Several Colors

Once you have a pile of pretty petals (say that three times: pile of pretty petals), begin by taking two contrasting colors and placing one on top of the other slightly offset with a dab of hot glue in the middle.

Adding a drop of hot glue to the flower petals

After the two are glued together, fold the two petals over and secure with a dab of glue.

Folding the flower petal the first time

Finally, secure the petals to your stick by adding yet another dab of glue and wrapping the petal around the stick.

Attaching the flower to the twig

As you pinch around the stick, the petals kinda puff out to create your blossom.

Shaping the flower petal

Voila!  Repeat to create as many blossoms as you’d like on your stick.  (Note, for most of my blossoms I stacked two petals, but for a large, full blossom, stack three or for a small bud, just use one.)

Multiple colors into one blossom

See how three simple it is to stack three colors?

Combine your sticks together and you have a simple, stunning bouquet! 

Final Boquet

….Or a spring center piece of sorts.  Or happy mother’s day present.  Or wedding décor.  Or teacher appreciation gift.  Or Cinco De Mayo.  Or Armed Forces Day.  Or Victoria Day.  (You didn’t know there were so many reasons to celebrate with sticks and tissue paper in the month of May, did you?!   The possibilities are endless.  Speaking of endless….I was so sick of pink and brown by the end of the weekend, but I made a few blossoms for my house using yellow and white tissue paper and stuck them in a green bottle.  Lovely.  Soft.  Subtle.
Even if the “real” blossoms aren’t quite in bloom yet…you too can create some festive foliage! 
Enjoy!  -Laura

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