Get the Scoop on Wintertainment!

Wintertainment (Dec. 27-31) is 10 days away, and the Program Team is BEYOND excited to share with you some of the activities in store for campers. It’s going to be an insane, impactful weekend that you won’t forget!

The weather at Forest Springs has been pretty mild and unpredictable. In fact, we don’t really know yet if downhill skiing, snowboarding and tubing will be possible.

FEAR NOT! Regardless of the condition of the hill, we are going to have a BLAST!

Here’s just a taste of what the Program Team has in store for Wintertainment campers:

Bonfire – What’s camp without a bonfire? And you know we build them big! A roaring bonfire will welcome you on your first night. That’s a great way to kick off Wintertainment, isn’t it?

Snow Sculpting – You don’t need marble to sculpt your masterpiece. We have snow! Gather your team of artists (or your cabin group) and create a ginormous Packers (or whatever team you root for) helmet. No need to bring your chisel, paint and easel - we’ll have plenty of green and gold snow paint (or whatever colors you use) to decorate it!

Snowmazing Race Adventure – Yes, you heard me right – Snowmazing! Just like the television show, but with SNOW. You’ll race all over camp, be tested, and lay it all on the line for your taste of Snowmazing Race Adventure glory! Trust us – it really will be Snowmazing!

Sledapalooza – This daring challenge takes creativity, teamwork and an amazing level of determination as you and your teammates build a sled that will be tested on Forest Springs’ big hill! Teams will be awarded points for not only getting down the hill, but doing it with STYLE. All you learned in your high school physics class may come in handy on this one!

Indoor Broomball - Who needs ice to play broomball? We’ll have an indoor broomball tournament in the new Great Room. How? You’ll have to come and see for yourself!

Black Light 9 Square – Nearly everything is more fun with black lights. That definitely applies to 9 square. You won’t forget this one anytime soon!

Night Hike – You think Forest Springs is beautiful during the day? Just wait until the Night Hike. Moving along the dark trails, listening to the night sounds under a blanket of stars – life doesn’t get any better!

The best news is – we have a spot waiting for YOU at Wintertainment! You can still register until December 22nd by clicking here. After December 22nd, call us at 715-427-5241. Scholarships are available!

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