Hang Up Your Hang-Ups - Get Outside & Grow!

Camping.  The great outdoors.  To many, this sounds like sweet music to their ears.  To others, this may be a scary thought.  Many of us have hang-ups that stop us from taking that leap of faith to sign up for an adventure trip, but what if these hang-ups weren’t really as bad as they seem?

We asked Dan Jacobson and Reanna Baumgarten to tell us a few of the typical hang-ups you may have and to tell us what an adventure trip is really like!

Hang-up 1: I’m not experienced in camping.

Dan: Our trips are geared for people who are beginners.  We hire well-trained staff will train you how to do everything you have to do.

Hang-up 2: I don’t have the right camping gear.

Dan: Other than clothing, all of the gear is provided.  We put a lot of time, attention and financial investment into making sure the gear is kept up to date and in-tact.  Campers are well taken care of.  If you have raingear and footgear, you’re set!

Hang-up 3: I have never been tent camping before.

Dan: This makes a great reason to come on an adventure trip!  We are here to teach you how to do that.  It’s just like your bed at home except its small and on the ground!  We have sleeping pads and thick sleeping bags provided for you.

Hang-up 4: I’m afraid of getting hurt.

Dan: Since 1960’s when we started adventure ministries, we’ve never had a significant injury.  We have medical training and rescue training for our staff, and with our clean track record, you should be put at ease about your safety.

Hang-up 5: I have allergies and cannot eat the same food as other campers.

Reanna: We are always willing to help campers who have allergies.  We can accommodate and replace foods in the normal menu. It shouldn’t scare anyone away.

Hang-up 6: I’m not very athletic.

Dan: You don’t have to be athletic to go on a trip!  We won’t all be equal at everything in life.  If you are worried, ask us. One of the great things about a trip is that we support and teach each other things throughout the week.  The group shares a journey and a goal to grow together.  That’s the beauty of it.

Hang-up 7: I don’t need to pack warm clothes in the summer.

Reanna: Though hot days make us think we won’t need any warm clothes, bringing warm clothes for late nights and early mornings is necessary.

Hang-up 8: I’ll get eaten by a bear.

Dan: You should be so lucky to even see a bear.  Our staff are trained for bear sightings, but it is very rare to ever see one.

Hang-up 9: I have to go to the bathroom in an outhouse.

Dan: Hate to admit it, but it’s actually true!  On adventure trips, there aren’t bathrooms, but that’s the beauty of the outdoors!

Hang-up 10: It won’t be as fun as a youth camp.

Reanna: It is a different type of fun.  Our trip leaders make it fun and create a welcoming atmosphere.  The trip leaders interact with campers and create fun activities throughout the week to bond closer as a group.

Dan: To find yourself in a small group on a unique journey together creates an interesting bond and atmosphere to get to know others well and support them throughout the week.  We have activities for everyone: the extreme crazy hiking and white water rafting, and the quiet reflection with deep wilderness hiking and paddling.  Something can appeal to everyone.

Thanks to Dan and Reanna, it’s pretty clear that adventure trips are for EVERYONE!  No matter what your skill level or experience, it’s an experience you will not want to miss.

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