Inaugural Escape College Retreat

Escape!  Escape from what?  Papers, exams, classes, work, life, etc.  This past weekend we had 18 college age students join us for our very first Escape.  College life can be full of so much between work, school, social life, and ministry.  This weekend they were just able to relax and be refreshed.

Panorama - Escape Retreat

Our auditorium was transformed into a relaxing coffee shop atmosphere.  It was so quiet and relaxing in that room that it was hard to picture 235 Wintertainment campers in that room just 1 month earlier.  With all the fun activities going on throughout the day, the favorite place to be was the auditorium and the favorite thing to do was hang out, talk, and have quiet time.  This was a time for many of them to reconnect with God and have an extended quiet time…something that doesn’t happened amidst a busy life.

Coffee & Sneakers

Relaxing during the day was priority; however, that may just have been their way of conserving their energy for broomball at night.  Both Friday and Saturday nights were full of hours of competitive broomball action.  Both nights went well into the evening and ended around 1 AM.  (It was a good thing we had free coffee all weekend)

Laughing Student
Matt Hoffland leading music at Escape

Matt Hoffland led worship and discussion times.  The sessions were interactive with lots of discussions intermixed with Matt sharing thoughts.  Some discussions revolved around John 10:10, “…I came so that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  What does life mean?  What does having life to the full mean?  More discussion involved what the word “mercy” really means and how do we truly receive and show mercy in life?

Escape 2012 was our first, but there will be more years to come.

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