It Came Upon A Midnight… FEAR!

Matt Hoffland - Writer/Director

After months of planning, practicing, and preparing, the Camp Forest Springs Dinner Theater is almost here!

This year’s production, entitled “It Came Upon A Midnight…FEAR!” is a redemptive thriller that explores the impact of fear on our lives. Here’s a little more about the preparation from someone who is very involved in the production, the writer and director, Matt Hoffland.

CFS Blog: So what can you tell us about the dinner theater this year?

Matt Hoffland: It is about fear. It’s about ways we deal with fear, the things we fear, the reasons we fear. As far as the setting itself, it takes place in a cabin that is, according to legend, cursed. Without giving away too much, it’s about a group of people that have to deal with their own fears and issues, before they can deal with the circumstances at the cabin.

CFSB: When did you start working on the story, and when did the major rehearsals start?

MH: The idea kind of got off the ground in dealing with some family issues. I started bouncing some ideas off of the other cast members and started writing the beginnings of the script towards the end of the summer. Rehearsals started back in October and we’ve been working hard ever since.

CFSB: What does the story of “It Came Upon a Midnight…FEAR!” convey?

MH: In our day in age, when a lot of people are struggling with fear – fear in the world, fear in relationships, fear of other stuff - I guess I was trying to capture some of that struggle and that ultimately, there is hope in the middle of fear. That’s kind of what I was trying to capture.

CFSB: What are you most excited about in putting on this show?

MH: Having it done! No, it’s a lot of work, but it’s really worth it. I enjoy working with great people - they are just a hoot. I also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing something you’ve been working on come together. My hope is that people can come and laugh. But also, that they’d find rest for their souls knowing that we have a sovereign God who loves us, and that in Christ, we don’t need to be afraid.

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