Lead Now Seminar

Connecting and building relationship in community, is more than just a good marketing plan for any business… it is the life God calls all of us to be a part of … it is getting close enough for others so we can experience each other’s  heart.  

On August 27th Camp Forest Spring hosted “Lead Now”.  Tim Kight with Focus 3 did a great job facilitating and training community leaders as well as many of our staff.  These people were made up of school superintendents, principals, community workers, mayors, pastors, our staff, police officers and several other community groups.  Our goal is to lovingly serve them by providing excellent leadership training skills, while coming along side each other in order to build deeper and more meaningful relationships together.

It is our hope that these communities will have better leaders that work together for healthier communities.  It is our desire to lead in building and maintaining loving relationships in the communities around us.   I have face-to-face contact with several of these leaders that I would consider to be friends.   These leaders are the ones most often that encourage people in the community to come to our camp which we would like to see, but this is not the main goal.  It is my desire to hear their heart and story and have them experience and hear mine as well.  I heard one story of a lady who had been so touched during a teacher’s in-service that she was encouraging local kids to go to summer camp.  She had experienced people at a camp event that moved her to believe that there is something here that others should take part in.  It is out of our relationships within these different community groups that God gives me and others time to hear each other’s stories.   

In a way it is taking camp out on the road.   We carry the light close enough so we can see Him and not us.   The Light not only exposes our blemishes together, but more importantly we hope we all get close enough to see Him, the one who can only bring real community.

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