Melting Down with Jordan Huffman

/ melt·down / : noun : a disastrous event, decline, or collapse

Doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it?  Thank goodness Forest Springs has a different definition for the word meltdown – one your junior higher won’t want to miss!

Meltdown, an action-packed, wintry weekend for Junior High students is taking place on February 24-26!

In just three days, you will be challenged and trained on the ski hill and in your faith life.  If you have been to Forest Springs before, you may know Meltdown’s speaker Pastor Jordan Huffman, a.k.a. PJ.

We asked PJ a few questions so you can get to know him and get a glimpse of what Meltdown is all about!


1. Tell me more about yourself, your family and your job.

Currently I live in Stevens Point, WI, but grew up in New Berlin, Wisconsin (suburb of Milwaukee). So I have basically been a Cheesehead my whole life.  I went to college at UWSP and studied English.  I really wanted to be a teacher.  The Lord saw fit to make that happen…He just wanted me to teach the Bible instead of Shakespeare.  Been a Junior High pastor for over 13 years.  I’m big into movies, reading, sports, Starbucks and Clash of Clans.  I married my college sweetheart, Erin (a few years after college).  She is a rockin’ fun gal who taught me how to ride a Harley.  She is a gardening phenom and loves to snowshoe.  Logan is my oldest.  He is 13.  Logan loves his ipad, trains, visiting the zoo and going to his grandparents for weekend visits.  Judah is almost 12, going on about 16.  He has a blackbelt in karate and all about extreme sports including snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing and running.  He is a fun kid and will be at Meltdown with me.

2. Why do you love working with youth?

Cause they are awesome!!!  I love their authenticity…how genuine they can be.  Youth tend to be some of the hungriest people for the Lord and the most courageous…totally willing to live out their faith and convictions for others to see.  Where adults get complacent and life can become gray, students are a color explosion…daring, spontaneous and totally fun.  It’s like youth have a sixth sense.  They can sniff out a phony from a distance.  They are a sponge when it comes to biblical Truth.  Honestly, youth inspire and motivate me to be a better person and Christian.

3. What are the three best parts of your job?

1)  Working with youth and volunteers who love youth (and Jesus).

2)  Studying and teaching the Bible.  Love it.  Love it.  Love it.  I literally geek on Mondays when I go to prep for the lesson.  I say to myself, “I can’t believe this is my job.” 

3)  Eating pizza almost daily.

4. What will you be talking about at Meltdown?

I want to take us through part of the book of James.  It’s an amazing little book full of life lessons.  Dude was Jesus’ little brother and didn’t get the part about him being The Messiah/Second Person of the Trinity until after Jesus died and rose again.  Talk about missing the bus!!!  But man, does he have something to say that cuts to the quick.  And, I’d like to wrap it around one of our greatest challenges and dilemmas in life: ourselves.  I call it The Great American Monument.  Give James a read before the weekend….get a jumpstart.  You wont regret it.

5. What is your favorite winter camp activity?

Drinking a mocha in the Coffee Shop or any insane game Clark comes up with.  That dude never misses.  Creative beyond measure.

6. If any artist/band, only one, could sing you to sleep every night, who would it be?

Honestly, I’m such a nerd and just plain old.  I’d choose Colin Cowherd’s podcast over anything else.  But if it had to be music, I’d go old, old school: Petra from the 70’s.  Ever heard of them?

7. If you were in a circus, what would your job be?

Ring Master!  Who wouldn’t want to be?  That would be so amazing!!

Know a junior high student who could use Meltdown to grow in their faith? Invite them. The cost of the weekend is $119, and scholarships are available. Register online by clicking here, or by calling us at 715-427-5241.

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