Neale Lodge Update

The progress on our new addition has been incredible!  Through amazing gifting, fantastic weather, and a great work force headed up by our own Eric Stolhammer, the first phase of the construction project is nearly completed.

Entrance Panorama

The roof is on, the entire building is housewrapped and protected for the winter, and basic heat is keeping the foundation from freezing!  Praise GOD!

Obviously, there was a big push to get the building protected for the winter, and now that the shell is up, we can catch our breath a little and continue the building in 2012 as God continues to supply additional funds.

Neale Lodge from Boathouse

Amazingly, after 6 months of feverish work, the building to date is completely paid for!  The construction fund ended the year in the black, with money to start the new year!

View from the Lake

And with every tour we give through the building, we as a staff get more and more excited about the future use of this building…

  • Expanded guest room lodging… a total of 21 motel rooms to serve adults year-round
  • Expanded fireside fellowship areas for deep connections with others
  • 45 foot indoor climbing tower
  • New multi-purpose room to seat 600-700 people and serve as a year-round gymnasium
View from South Cabins

When would YOU like a tour?

Staff Prayer Meeting on Second Floor
The staff sharing a time of prayer on the second floor gathering area

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