Reflection on REFRESH ‘13

I stood in the foyer of Lakeview taking in the sights and sounds of the evening Refresh banquet.  Servers bustling back and forth, the room covered in pink tissue paper and rustic sticks, conversations being had, laughter and the clinking of forkfulls of food. 

Woman smiling at REFRESH '13
Lots of Laughter!

I waited to welcome the women still coming up from session--a powerful session filled with God's truth in confronting unforgiven aspects within our own lives: the freedom found in Christ's ultimate forgiving on the cross, and the freedom that comes when we release any unforgiveness harbored against others. I recall one woman's comment as she smiled through the tears streaming down her face, "That [forgiveness] should have happened years ago."

Life change was happening.
God showed up.
And I am humbled that we get to be a small part of it all.

Rhea Briscoe
Rhea Briscoe - Speaker

While the weekend was filled with good food, new project ideas, workshops, freshly painted nails, and laughter—it was also a weekend where God worked on the hearts of people.  It shouldn't surprise us that so many women are facing giants.  The pain and hurt on this side of heaven is real.  The prayer request box was filled with the heart-cries of many.  Rhea spent hours with women one on one.  I chatted with a mere few and it is amazing how a handful of honest questions can reveal a myriad of circumstances and hardships.  It leads me to conclude one thing that was woven through Rhea’s sessions this weekend: Let’s press into Jesus.  His grace.  His truth.  And not settle for anything less, okay?!

As the weekend concluded at Sunday’s brunch, the hugs (cause that’s what women do---hug) were full of gratitude.  Many left thankful for a weekend to truly be “refreshed” in so many capacities.

With deep gratitude,

Laura Hoffert
2013 REFRESH Coordinator

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