Summer Family Camps Missions Project

Every year, Camp Forest Springs is privileged to partner with different missionaries for our summer missions project.

Over the years, we have selected projects around the globe in countries like Uganda, Romania, Japan, Pakistan and Brazil to name a few.  This year, we wanted to support 2 different ministries… our youth campers helped support one of our LTD graduates in a camping ministry in Spain and our family campers helped to sponsor a well project in Ghana.

Family Camp Missions Project

Got Water?

Here in the United States, we take clean drinking water for granted. If water doesn’t flow from the tap when we want to wash our hands or take a drink, we are inconvenienced, and perhaps annoyed.  But in many parts of Africa, water is scarce; clean water is almost non-existent.

Don Shire in Africa

This summer the Lord opened the door to a wonderful opportunity for Camp Forest Springs to share the gift of water with a village in Ghana. Several months ago, the Muslim leaders in the village asked missionary Don Shire to provide them with water.  He explained that he could not do that, but that he knows the God who makes the water and he could ask Jesus Christ to provide it. Now we get to be part of the answer to that prayer through our missions offering this summer.  There are plans to dig the well in front of the Christian church. Every time the people draw their water, they will be reminded of the One who called Himself, the “Living Water.” 

Summer Youth Camps Missions Project

Kids in a Rowboat

Our mission focus this year is the Pedro and Viky Adrover Family (past LTD Students at Camp Forest Springs). They are missionaries  with L’Arcada Camp in Spain, and feel very privileged to work in this ministry and see the Lord using them to share the gospel with the people of Spain. 

Pedro and Viky

Only 1 of every 100 people in Spain is Christian.  There are many towns and cities without any evangelical church to attend or somebody to explain the gospel to their neighbor. Currently in Spain, 90% of the decisions of salvation take place in Christian camps.

L'Arcada Tee Pee

L'Arcada is a ministry that reaches children, youth, and families through camps, retreats and other activities. Campers will hear the gospel, be encouraged to grow in their faith, and then be ready to share that Good News with anyone around them as they return home.

 If you want more information about the Adrover family you can find them on Facebook: "The Adrover Adventures

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