Top 10 Reasons to Work at Camp this Summer

Every child has their dream job.  While most kids dream of being famous, working at Disneyworld or being an Olympic athlete, I dreamed of working at Forest Springs.  I mean really, how cool would it be to work on that Chaco tan and hang out with kids all summer, right? 

There’s so much more to a job at Camp than that, though. 

Though there are many reasons to work at a summer camp, there are 10 reasons that any person who has ever worked at Forest Springs will agree upon.

1. You will create lifelong friendships.

There is not one staff member who wouldn’t say that some of their best friends come from working together at Camp.  Even those who didn’t grow up coming to camp have heard of Camp from friends or family and travel from all around the country to work in a place they’ve never been before.

2. You will experience God’s divine beauty through creation.

There’s nothing like walking outside your front door and seeing absolute beauty through nature.  The serenity of God’s creation gives an unreal feeling that Camp is planted inside of.

3. You will serve along other believers.

Whether it be the counseling group, the lifeguards or the dish crew, the entire staff is filled with believers who want to daily serve the Lord and further the Kingdom.

4. You will experience a supportive and encouraging community.

The community is welcoming, caring and friendly.  Staff counselors and other full-time staff look to disciple summer staff and pour into their lives as they pour out their lives to their campers.

5. You will unplug from the everyday world.

Being away from the fast-paced world full of social media allows for strong friendships to be built and for faith walks to be energized.

6. Your faith will be stretched.

Long, challenging days will require turning to the Lord for strength to keep serving.  Not to mention, there are phenomenal weekly speakers and staff devotional times to grow as a community of believers.

7. You will eat AMAZING desserts.

Let’s get real here.  Smore’s bars, Carmelita bars, Dirt cups, Banana Boats, Pineapple Delights…if you haven’t heard of these, it’s about time you experienced their goodness.

8. You will see God work within everyday moments.

God works in the most mysterious ways, and watching Him work in and through each day and in the lives of yourself and others is an incredible experience.


9. You will spend time with young kids to build them up in their faith walks.

Support staff can spend off-time getting to know campers and investing in their lives as spiritual role models; these friendships can even continue as campers come back summer after summer!

10. You will LAUGH.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and Camp lives and breathes laughter.  Whether it be goofing around on the beach, on your shifts or at Staff Socials, laughter follows you around wherever you go.

Whether you work two weeks or the entire summer, working at a summer camp will be memorable and full of personal growth.  A summer working at Camp is a job many people don’t experience, but wish they did. Apply today at

Dani Kuhn is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  She has been a camper for many years prior to her first summer at Forest Springs as a Handcrafts Assistant in 2012.  In 2013, she served as a Stores Clerk and on Dish Crew for a summer, and the following summer of 2014 as a Lifeguard.  Dani also was a Counselor and Lifeguard during summer 2016.

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