Top Five Things To Do While Your Child is at Camp

You’ve spent weeks listening to camp cheers, packing bags, buying gear and answering hundreds of questions about camp. Drop-off day has come, and now you find yourself driving home in a quiet car.

Now what? Take advantage of the time!

Here are five things to do while your child is at camp.

1. Send.


Your child would love to get mail from you while at camp. Take a few moments to write them an encouraging letter – letting them know how much you love them and that you will be praying for them. Campers LOVE to get mail! I know my daughter's love language is gift giving (she gets it from me). Make sure to send their mail to Forest Springs (N8890 Forest Ln., Westboro, WI 54490) with enough lead time for it to arrive while they are still at camp. I may have had a parenting fail on that one before…

2. Clean.

Okay, kids’ rooms get messy. While your child is away, take some time to wash their bedding. Deep clean their carpet. Clean their window shades and curtains. Toss out the “treasures” that they have collected over the year.  Go through their clothes. Get rid of the too smalls, “too holey” (not holy), and too stained items. Be careful not to get rid of their prized possessions though. You'll get yourself into trouble.

A friend of mine remodeled their daughter's bedroom while she was at camp one year!

3. Reconnect.

Take some time to reconnect with your spouse. Go out on a date (or better yet - multiple dates!).

Try the local restaurant that isn't quite kid friendly. Go for ice cream and just linger. Go for a long bike ride. Or maybe, just have a quiet night in. Spend time talking and sharing. I sure do love my kids, but there is something lovely about eating hot food, and dining at a place that doesn't serve chicken nuggets. Can I get an amen?

4. Explore. 

Check out places that you have wanted to check out. Be a 'tourist' in your own community.   

Check out those “when I have time someday, I'd like to see this” places. My husband grew up in Chicago. I grew up in Minnesota. We are newer to the area. I have been collecting those touristy-type brochures featuring lots of restaurants, day trip ideas, and cute little shops (full of antique and breakable things).

5. Pray.

Pray for your child while they are at camp. They will be stretched and challenged. They will encounter new people and new adventures. Pray that they will get all that God has for them during their time at Forest Springs. Also, pray for your child's counselor and the staff at Forest Springs. As children wrestle with making their faith their own, many, many wonderful counselor/camper conversations will occur. Be praying for those moments.

Still on the fence about camp for your child? Well…we still have availability for certain summer youth camps. Check them out here, and call us at 715-427-5241 with any questions.

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