What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day coming, I am starting to reflect on those special Sundays of the past, when my kids tried their best to bring me breakfast in bed, or handed me a homemade present, wrapped in more tape than paper.  

As they grow older. I hear the clock ticking, and things are starting to change in our home. The reality is - their schedules are getting busier. My schedule is getting busier. The quality time I get to spend with them is eroding - with technology, school, errands, sports and countless other obligations that fill our calendars.

Do you know what I want most this Father’s Day?

A quiet day (or weekend), lightly scheduled with lots of time to spend with my children. No smartphones. No errands. No long lines. No interruptions. I suspect a lot of Dads out there feel the same way. For me, life’s gotten way too busy, and I feel the need to hit the pause button.

Kids (and Moms) before you start your online shopping, please stop and hear me out. I’d urge you to make Father’s Day really count this year. Choose something that will encourage your Dad (or Husband). Select something that will strengthen his faith. Give him something that will bring your whole family closer together.

Feeling overwhelmed? Here are some ideas…

Explore Your State’s Parks


Regardless of where you are, you are likely not too far from a state park. Many state parks provide opportunities to fish, hike, canoe/kayak, picnic and camp. In Wisconsin, you can purchase a vehicle admission sticker that will get your family into any of Wisconsin’s state parks for $28. That’s cheaper than that neck tie you were probably looking to buy Dad. You can learn more about Wisconsin’s state parks here.


Help Dad with His To-Do List 


The to-do list is every Dad’s worst enemy. Well, it’s my worst nightmare anyway. While Dad’s never ask for help, they will not refuse it. I guarantee it. Make a family day of it. Finishing a project will help him, and can also provide an opportunity to have great discussions and make memories.



Plan a Fall Weekend Getaway

I know what you’re thinking…”A fall getaway?” Yes, I know Father’s Day is in June.

Celebrate a low-key Father’s Day meal in June, and then plan a weekend away in the fall – when hectic summer schedules are over. I like weekends away with activities that are totally out of the norm. For instance, my oldest daughter and I took swing dancing lessons last fall. There were lots of laughs, great memories, and sore feet (sorry Julia).

Are You Still Stumped?

Consider giving your Dad (or husband) a weekend at Forest Springs this fall – either at Impact Father/Son Retreat or at Connect Father/Daughter Retreat. All the activities are planned by people who know what Dads and their children love to do together. All you have to do is come and enjoy.

Have you found the perfect Father’s Day gift? Tell us in the comments section below.

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