Work Weekend 2013 Recap

The Friday of Work Weekend started out cold and wet, snowy, icy, and not accommodating at all! Planning for the weekend seemed to change with the lousy weather, after all, it was May already. Of course we prayed that it would clear off, but the weatherman didn't promise much. We did experience a warming overnight which helped take more of the snow away and with only a slight mist in the morning we began the day which improved as the morning progressed. By 10 AM we began to experience a brighter sky and the sun actually began to break thru. The sun breaking thru seemed to energize each crew so that the work became fun and much was accomplished as we were encouraged by the change of the weather. We are grateful for the day and all those who showed up in spite of the weather and possibility of a wet and cold experience. The list of work accomplished is amazing and we are thankful for all who came to help us be more prepared for a season of ministry.

  • Mini-farm cleaned and ready for the animals.
  • Challenge course / Mini-golf / and forest clearing made ready for campers of all ages.
  • Waterfront set up for the summer.
  • Firewood was split and stacked at the woodshed, and the shed was almost filled. Somewhere near 30 cords of firewood was put up during the day's work. Lots of sore muscles and a great sense of accomplishment was the end result. "The stories of 1,000 campfires will continue to be told."
  • Lots of dump truck loads of freshly cut firewood was cut and hauled to accommodate the filling of the wood shed with plenty left over outside the wood shed to be split and stacked this summer by more volunteers.
  • Seasoned firewood was hauled to campsites all around Camp Forest Springs.
  • Unfortunately the flower beds were not touched due to the snow that remained on them from the previous week. So we still have flower beds needing to be cleared of debris and made ready for this year's flowers to dress the landscape around the main buildings.
  • Outdoor furniture was stained with preserving sealer and tightened as needed to look good on the patio, boat house, and other areas around camp.
  • The new shop site was cleared of trees and brush was piled to burn. The site now will be stumped and backfilled to prepare for that exciting day.
  • Trees were planted to enhance several areas around camp.
  • Gravel was raked from lawn areas where the plow pushed the snow.
  • Campsites were cleaned and made ready for the many youth campers to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Brush was hauled away by tractor and trailer to make the areas logged more appealing to the eye.
  • The garage sale was a success as excited buyers purchased many things that had been donated. Early estimates are that the sale brought in over $14,000 toward the general fund of Camp.
  • Two new platform tent platforms were constructed and made ready for youth campers on a new campsite.
  • The dining hall was cleaned after each meal by folunteers of the weekend.
  • Dishes were washed by willing volunteers after meals during the weekend. Even on Sunday a dedicated couple continued to serve for the last meal.
  • Electrical trim work was done in the Neale Lodge addition guest rooms. Lights and outlets were installed into the freshly painted rooms.
  • Painting was done in the motel guest rooms of the Neale Lodge Addition.
  • Installation of a new flue for a fireplace in the Neale Lodge Addition.
  • Other roof work was finished on the new addition to Neale Lodge.
  • Our 9-13 year old work crew accomplished a lot of raking, and cleaning up fire circles on Sunset Hill and Pine Point. They also cleaned up several items up on the ski hill as well as placed red gravel onto the walkway below the Ministry Center.
  • Even the small children (6-8 years old) had a part in getting camp ready for the summer by picking up paper, cans, and other debris all around camp including the ski hill. They cleared the rock boxes and helped with stacking firewood into the sheds.
  • Handcrafts was set up and made ready for all the artists. They will enjoy the organization, sorting, and cleanliness.
  • The craft shop roof was torn off, repaired, and is being replaced with steel roofing.

A total of 125 volunteers accomplished nearly 800 hours of work in one day! Praise the Lord!

Take a look here to see a video of the event:

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