Since the beginning of Forest Springs, encountering God's creation has been an important part of why we exist. From overnight campouts during kid's camp, to the creation of the Wilderness Ministries program, to a decades-long commitment to education about creation, we have seen God work in amazing ways, by simply providing place for people to experience creation.

Forest Springs - 1973 Canoe Trip
Pictured above: a Forest Springs canoe trip to the Flambeau River in 1973

We see a great opportunity to strengthen this important part of our ministry. Getting our guests to experience the wonder of God's creation can create moments for them to encounter their Creator in ways that they wouldn't be able to at home. Our commitment to encountering creation has led us to create plans for a new facility to support this vision.

Outdoor Ministry Center

The Outdoor Ministry Center will serve as a hub for our outdoor-facing programs: our wilderness trip program and our outdoor education program. This new, four-season facility will enable these programs to succeed for many years to come.


The scope of this project includes:

- three-story building with amenities to support multiple programs

- a welcome center for wilderness trips

- classroom space for outdoor education

- housing for seasonal guests and staff

- accessible year-round restroom facilities to support current program areas


The projected cost of the OMC is estimated at $1.5 million dollars, with the goal of having this building open and running before the summer of 2026.

Why Build This?

We believe that being immersed in God's creation does something for our souls. Whether it's in reflective solitude or engaged in an excited activity, encountering creation - and the Creator who made all this - gives us a new understanding of who God is and how we relate to him. In an increasingly "indoor" culture, just being outside gives us new opportunities to learn and grow about how being "fearfully and wonderfully made" gives us better perspective of our Creator.