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Have you been called a Baby Boomer? Maybe an empty nester? Or even a retiree? There are certainly a lot of labels being thrown out there, but we know none can really capture the essence of your generation. 

We believe you're in the prime time of your life, and we'd love to provide you with a long weekend full of top-notch entertainment, unique learning experiences, opportunities for relaxation and practic Bible teaching.

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Speakers: Jim Engle

Raised in an unchurched home, religion had no place in his life.  Then, as an agnostic college senior, Jim Engle was confronted with the Gospel for the first time.  This took place, not in a church, but in a lawyer’s office.  This life-changing encounter resulted in Jim trusting Jesus Christ and beginning a personal relationship with Him.  During those early years of walking with Christ, the Lord removed his desire to go to law school, replacing that desire with a call to the Gospel ministry.  He attended Bethel Theological Seminary, earning his Master of Divinity and also has a Doctor of Ministry degree from Knox Theological Seminary.

Over four decades of pastoral ministry have included serving churches in Minnesota, Florida and Wisconsin.  Jim’s strong commitment to the authority and inerrancy of the Word of God has been lived out through preaching, teaching, evangelism, discipleship, leadership development and counseling. 

Special Events Might Include:
Activities at PrimeTime
  • Timm’s Hill Hike
    The fall colors are beautiful along this trail as it winds around lakes, streams, and wildlife. Our hike ends with delicious pie at one of our staff homes nestled in the woods along the trail.
  • Trap Shooting
    A sport in which anyone can participate. Our staff will be there to instruct, supervise, and enjoy the sport with you.
  • Golf Outing
    Join our staff on an outing to a local golf course for a leisurely round of golf with friends.
  • Flambeau River Excursion
    Canoe, fish, or lazily drift along this scenic river. Includes a picnic lunch at our Flambeau property.
  • Arts & Crafts
    A wide selection of great projects await those who enjoy painting, stamping, drawing, and much more.
  • Workshops
    A selection of educational workshops. 
  • Fellowship
    Our new Lodge Cafe and Coffee Shop provide ample opportunity to fellowship with friends. 



• Registration from 3:00-5:00 p.m.
• Supper, followed by session with Stuart Briscoe 

• Breakfast, followed by session and activities
• Lunch, followed by activities
• Supper, followed by sessions activities 

• Breakfast, followed by session and activities
• Lunch, followed by activities
• Supper, followed by sessions, activities 

• Breakfast, followed by session and activities
• Lunch, followed by activities
• Supper, followed by session, activities

• Morning session and brunch. Ends at noon.


Includes meals, activities, and program.

Standard Cabin: Double Occupancy ($285/person)
Private cabin with double bed and bunks, private bath.

Lodge Room: Double Occupancy ($399/person)
King or twin beds, private bath, towels/bedding provided.

Standard Cabin/Dorm Style ($285/person)
Shared cabin with double bed and bunk beds, private bath.