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Main Buildings

Our goal at Forest Springs is to create a relaxing environment where our guests can enjoy the majestic natural beauty of the northwoods, while also experiencing the comfort of many modern amenities.

Neale Lodge

Neale Lodge is a major hub of activity at Forest Springs. Featuring 21 lodge rooms, the building also features a cafe, gift shop and coffee shop. Learn more here.

Lakeview Center

Lakeview Center features a dining hall with a stunning view of James Lake and Forest Springs' ski hill. The lower level of Lakeview Center features our auditorium, where most of Forest Springs' teaching and worship times take place. Learn more here.

Ministry Center

The Ministry Center features our main reception area, along with many staff offices and work spaces. In addition, the lower level features a classroom used for Forest Springs' LTD and Trailhead students. Learn more here.

Staff Housing

LTD and Trailhead students, along with contract staff, live on campgrounds in one of two apartment buildings - James Lake & Forest Lake Apartments. Learn more here.

Prayer Chapel

Forest Springs' Prayer Chapel is a place of peaceful solitude for staff and guests. Learn more here.

Patio & Playground

The patio and playground area is located near Neale Lodge and Lakeview Center. Learn more here.