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Meeting Rooms

Forest Springs offers guests several meeting room options for day events, multi-day conferences and retreats. In addition, we also provide a variety of amenities to ensure your time here is carefree and comfortable.

Gustafson Memorial Auditorium

Neale Lodge Great Room

The Great Room, located in Neale Lodge, is our largest meeting and multi-purpose room, comfortably seating 400-500 people, while also featuring a gym space that can be configured for basketball or volleyball. It is furnished with a state-of-the-art comfort system, a premiere sound and video system, as well as an extensive stage lighting system.

Gustafson Memorial Auditorium

Gustafson Memorial Auditorium

The Gustafson Memorial Auditorium, located in Lakeview Center, is our midsize meeting room, comfortably seating 300 people. It is furnished with air conditioning, a built-in sound system, stage lighting, and a video projection system.

Fireside Conference Room

Fireside Conference Room

The Fireside Conference Room is equipped to accommodate groups of 40-120 (depending on set-up preferences). Our guests benefit from its close proximity to the Fireside Lounge and a host of amenities in Neale Lodge

Cedar Cove, Walnut Cove & Cherry Cove

Cedar Cove Meeting Room

Cedar Cove seats 60-80 people, features a cozy fireplace, and has bathroom facilities off of the main room.

Cherry Cove

Walnut Cove is located on the south side of camp, seats 45-60 people, and has bathroom facilities nearby.

Just down the path from Walnut Cove is Cherry Cove, the smallest of the three. Cherry Cove seats between 45-60 people. Bathroom facilities are attached to the main room.

Lakeview Cove

Adjacent to the Gustafson Memorial Auditorium is Lakeview Cove, a meeting room that seats up to 40 people.

Room Seating Capacities

  • Great Room — 500
  • Gustafson Memorial Auditorium — 300
  • Fireside Conference Room — 40-120
  • Lakeview Cove — 20-40
  • Cedar Cove — 60-80
  • Walnut Cove — 45-60
  • Cherry Cove — 45-60

Did You Know?

Forest Springs offers many team-building activities to compliment any day event or conference

We'd love to host your next day event or conference. Call us for pricing and availability.