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A Note to First Time Family Campers

We are glad that you are exploring family camps at Forest Springs as a option for your family. We understand that there are many entertaining options available to families looking for a annual getaway. Let me tell you how Forest Springs might be a bit different. 

You Choose How You Spend Your Time
Over the years, hundreds of families have come to family camps at Forest Springs because it is a retreat in every sense of the word.  We are tucked away in the majestic forests of the northwoods, and you are surrounded by God's perfect creation. Scattered around this great outdoor environment are many great program areas, many designed for families to laugh and play together. There are plenty of breaks in our family camp schedule for your family to choose their next outdoor adventure. During these times, many choose to relax or even nap with their young children. 

Simply put, you control your time here. It is our mission to provide great recreational activities and opportunities for spiritual growth. 

We Love to Serve Young Families (And Old One's Too...)
We know what it is like to have young families. In fact, most of our missionary staff is comprised of young families. We know that parents need to change their plans at a moment's notice during the course of the day. We know that small children can be "selective" eaters. We know that nursery and children's classrooms need to be staffed with compassionate people that give parents' peace of mind. We understand that while people love the outdoors, modern conveniences are expected. We know that temper tantrums can be a time of stress - for kids and their parents. 

When it comes down to it, we understand the needs of young families. We are ready to provide the perfect environment for your new annual family tradition. 

We Keep Things Christ-Centered
Forest Springs is a beautiful environment where a lot of fun is had every year. Most importantly, it is a Christian ministry. Our staff takes our ministry very seriously, and we hope this shows through our service, the maintenance of our facilities, our Bible teaching times  

We Look to Deliver Value to Our Guests
The Forest Springs staff works hard to deliver an experience that our family campers will remember for years to come. This experience is comprised of clean, comfortable accommodations, exciting activity areas, a great selection of family friendly foods, and gifted Christian speakers. We listen attentively to our family campers' needs because we are in the ministry of serving you! 

We also work to ensure that our family camp prices are comparable (or even lower) than what you might pay for a family vacation with meals, lodging, etc. Learn more about our family camping pricing here. 

On behalf of our staff, I hope that you will consider making a family camp at Forest Springs a new family tradition. If you have additional questions, please contact our adult and family registrars at (715) 427-5241 - they would be happy to help you. 


Pat Petkau