LTD Program Overview

Since its founding in 1958, Forest Springs has been committed to developing Christian leaders. The LTD (Leadership Training and Development) program is a tool through which God has been equipping leaders for ministries in the United States and around the world.

LTD in Class

An Overview of the LTD Program

The purpose of LTD is to help prepare participants for effective ministry in Christian camping or related fields. The program strengthens Christian leadership qualities through classroom instruction, informal discussion, and “hands-on” experiences.

Those enrolled in LTD receive practical training and experience in the major operational areas of a year-round Christian camp: administration, counseling, financial management, food service, maintenance, marketing, programming, and philosophy of ministry. Upon completion of the program, the LTD student will have

LTD Teaching
Develop relationships while serving and learning
  • Been challenged to growth in their spiritual life
  • Experienced servant-leadership and developed ability to lead in ministry
  • Demonstrated a capacity for serving in a variety of staff positions and with diverse ages and personalities
  • Had exposure to the personnel, principles, and practices of the major departments in a large Christian camp
  • Experienced the realistic and cyclic nature of life as a member of the year-round camp staff
  • Recognized the complementary and relevant role of Christian camping in the ministry of the local church and in missions
  • Developed a comprehensive philosophy of Christian camping that embraces the pursuit of excellence
  • Demonstrated an ability to plan, organize, lead, and evaluate a Christian camping program
  • Gained a solid foundation for positions in Christian camping