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Three Tracks of the LTD Program

The LTD program is offered at undergraduate, graduate, and intern levels.

LTD - Connecting
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The Christian Camping Major is available to qualified students who are majoring in biblical studies/Christian camping at:

These schools offer bachelor's degrees, with the senior year spend in the LTD program. 


Advanced graduate standing credit is available to those who have successfully completed the LTD program and qualify for admissions to the Master of Science program at Cairn University Graduate School (Langhorne, PA) and the Master of Arts program at Grace Seminary (Winona Lake, IN).


Vocational Camping Ministry Training is available to qualified individuals who are at least four years out of high school, are actively pursuing a career in Christian camping, and have demonstrated a gift and promise for Christian ministry.

Married students with families are welcomed into the program as long as housing is available.