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A Typical LTD Year


LTD staff begin the program mid-May with four days of orientation and summer staff training. After two weeks of intensive counselor training, they serve as youth camp counselors, program instructors, or other summer camp leaders. The summer schedule includes five weeks of six-day youth camps and family camps through the remainder of the summer. The summer also includes wilderness trips that occur throughout the season.

Summer at Forest Springs


From September through December, LTD students spend about 12 to 16 hours a week in academic study through lectures, discussion, reading assignments, and hands-on classes that train for serving our many guests groups and various fall programs. The fall also contains experiential learning through a canoe trip, a rock climbing trip and several trips touring other camp programs in Wisconsin. Students will also receive training to be instructors in Forest Springs' outdoor education in the fall. Students are rotated through each major area of Forest Springs' operations to gain experience in hosting groups, food service, accommodations and programming.

Chainsaw class in the Fall


January through mid-March is a very busy time with almost a constant flow of programs and guests. LTD students receive training in downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding and several other popular winter activities and function as instructors in one or more of these activities.  Similar to the fall, students experience a rotation through the Forest Springs' major operation areas. In the winter, the students are sent in teams on promotional trips to up to 12 major mid-west colleges and universities. They also are primary instructors in several winter outdoor education programs

Ski Hill


In the spring months, LTD staff host retreat groups, teach outdoor education classes, and help close winter program areas. They also attend the Wisconsin Christian Camp & Conference Sectional convention and tour other Wisconsin camps, and complete a volunteer work at another Christian camp. The year concludes early May with a concentration of classes, a review of the philosophy of ministry papers and graduation.

LTD Teaching a Class

Time Off

 LTD staff typically have one day off per week in the summer months and two days off per week as often as possible from September through May.Time off for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter are generally 5 - 10 days per holiday.

Housing and Meals

Living on the grounds is a vital part of the LTD experience. Forest Springs includes in the fee for the year housing and basic utilities for LTD staff. Furnished homes or apartments are available for couples and families. Singles are housed dormitory style.

Meals are provided for LTD staff whenever the dining hall is open, usually from June through September, and approximately two to five days per week during the rest of the year.