Outdoor Education

Learning About the Creator Through His Creation

Canoers in the Outdoor Education Program at Forest Springs

The Value of Outdoor Education

Much can be learned from text books, but the complexities and nuances of nature can best be experienced firsthand. Outdoor Education at Forest Springs provides students an opportunity to explore God's creation and learn through a multitude hands-on experiences facilitated by passionate and knowledgeable staff.  

Here's what one teacher had to say about the value of outdoor education:

"The outdoor education classes teach students what can’t be taught in the classroom setting.  Students may hear their teachers talk and lecture about the Bible or about the Christian life at school and quickly forget what they have learned. But at camp students can engage in a memorable and fun activity that relates to their spiritual lives, providing lessons students won’t soon forget." 
- Shelly Strand, Middle School Teacher, Life Academy, Bloomington, MN 

Teaching Pond Study

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What Does Forest Springs Have To Offer?

Inspecting the Bog Sign
  • A Bible-based educational program in a unique camp setting.
  • Flexibility in program and scheduling to fit your needs.
  • Instruction by Christian staff committed to teaching nature and life principles from God’s perspective.
  • The experience of moving the classroom outdoors generates curiosity and motivation for learning.
  • Total involvement in a group living situation, which lends itself to building relationships between students, teachers, and God.
  • An educational and spiritual highlight for the entire year.

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