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TRAILHEAD Courses and Topics

TRAILHEAD courses may vary slightly from year to year, but each year will include some configuration of the following courses:

Reading the Bible
Digging into the Word

What’s a Worldview? –Why do different people believe so many different things? What are the main questions that every human being asks, and how do we seek answers? What makes Christianity unique among the many worldviews? How do we interact with others who do not share the same worldview as us?

All About the Bible– Students will learn about the Bible’s origins and uniqueness among religious texts, and will also look at the evidence as to why we think it is trustworthy. We will also discuss the basic rules for interpreting and studying the Bible, which the students will practice all year. 

Personal Finance– We will learn the basics of financial management as a single person and within a family. Debt, saving, home ownership, giving, buying and methods for budgeting will be discussed and practiced. 

Individual Assessment– This is a practical component to the year. Students will undergo assessments for skills, gifting, and interests that can begin to narrow the focus toward a future vocation. Students will learn a lot about themselves and how they interact with others. 

Media Filtering– We will assess the messages in all forms of media. Everything we watch, read, and listen to has a message, and a Christian must be able to recognize and interpret it. We will study the perspectives and worldviews found in media, and compare them to the Bible's teachings.  

Learning to fit Skis in the Downhill Ski Shop with Del
Instruction from Staff Members

A Christian View of Work– Work will always be a part of our lives, and we should seek to glorify God in how we approach our vocation. Much of this course is experiential, as our staff members work alongside each student and deliver feedback, challenges and encouragement.

The Local Church– Students will attend a local church, and serve alongside its members throughout the year. We will discuss their positive and negative experiences in church, and prepare them to find and serve in a church in the future. 

Foundations of Christian Leadership– Students will learn the theories and practices related to ministry and spiritual leadership.

Life skills– In addition to the above classes, students will learn a variety of practical things. These will include everyday skills such as cooking (both personal and hosting a group), time management, basic auto care, running a chainsaw, and many more unique and interesting skills and hobbies. 

Elective– College application/financial aid applications for students preparing for college.