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TRAILHEAD Lifestyle - is not for everyone

Split Trails

Students need to approach this experience with a desire to grow, work hard and learn from others. It is our goal to create an experience that is free from distraction and division.

Applicants should carefully reflect on the following lifestyle standards, and be prepared to adopt them for the duration of the year.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco

Forest Springs serves thousands of children every year, and much like a school, we maintain a staff and campus that is alcohol free, drug free and tobacco free to the greatest extent possible. TRAILHEAD students will be living and working within this facility and therefore, subject to these guidelines. Applicants should discuss questions with the TRAILHEAD director if concerned about their ability to comply.


Laptops and smartphones are part of all of our lives, and students are welcome to bring them. When properly utilized, these are invaluable tools for communication and ministry. On occasion, however, these items can become a distraction and actually hinder healthy community. Students will be expected to use these computers and phones appropriately as advised by the TRAILHEAD director and other staff.

Work Standards

TRAILHEAD student in the dishroom

Every employer has standards, and each company expects its staff to approach their responsibilities with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. As a service organization, Forest Springs seeks to serve each visitor in a way that is encouraging and uplifting. TRAILHEAD students, while working alongside our staff, will be expected to maintain the same standards of follow-through, honesty, attitude, and appearance to those maintained by other organizations, and to those demonstrated by our staff.


None of us is perfect. We are still learning and growing, just like you. We are committed to consistently improving the program and we want to know what you think and what you struggle with. However, doubts, questions, and disagreements can be voiced with respect. TRAILHEAD students are expected to treat all staff and students with dignity. Bullying, harassing, hazing, or belittling of others will not be allowed.

This is not an exhaustive list of guidelines. For a complete list of guidelines, contact the TRAILHEAD director.