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Trailhead Year Review


From September through December, students will experience a wide variety of service and educational opportunities. The fall will begin with a wilderness adventure trip, and will include classroom time focused on building community and foundational Christian principles.  Life-skills training will be included along the way.  When not in class, students will serve in support roles alongside camp staff for the various fall retreats and the very popular Forest Springs' Dinner Theatre.

Forest Springs in the Fall


Students will assume a variety of support roles during the busy winter retreat season. Responsibilities will include supervising sports areas, working in food service, helping on the dish crew, assisting with housekeeping, and maintenance tasks. During this busy time, classes will be centered on Bible study and interpretation.

Winter for the TRAILHEAD students


In the spring months, the priority will return to the classroom, as students build on what they have learned throughout the year.  Discussions will be focused on applying the gospel to all areas of life, and filtering movies, music, and news through a Biblical grid. Time will also be given for assessing the gifts and talents of each student and developing a plan for “next steps” Trailhead.  The year will end with a wilderness adventure trip geared toward reflecting on the year and preparing for the future.

Classroom time for TRAILHEAD

Time Off & Holidays

Trailhead students normally have one day off per week. Additional days off may be granted as the schedule allows. Holiday vacation is given for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter - each being approximately a week in length. Exact dates of vacation time are stated in the Trailhead staff contract, which is provided two months prior to your arrival. The Director of Trailhead must approve any additional time off for personal reason ahead of time.

Summer Staff Opportunities at TrailHead

Optional summer staff opportunity

Even though the Trailhead calendar does not include summer responsibilities, there are many opportunities to consider on Forest Springs' summer staff. Students could sign on for a summer job either before or after the program.  From lifeguarding, to food service, to the mini-farm, there are positions available every summer.