Train & Educate

Forest Springs is not just a camp and conference center - it also serves as an outdoor classroom and training facility for hundreds of people each year. 


Leadership, Training and Development (LTD) is a year-long training program that helps prepare participants for effective ministry in Christian camping or related fields. The program strengthens Christian leadership qualities through classroom instruction, informal discussion, and “hands-on” experiences. Learn more about the LTD program here. 


Forest Springs' TRAILHEAD Program, a nine-month discipleship program, was born out of a desire to high school graduates hit the pause button on life, plan their next steps, gain independence and cement their personal faith before entering college or the work force. Learn more about the TRAILHEAD Program here. 

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education at Forest Springs provides students of all ages an opportunity to explore God's creation and learn through a multitude hands-on experiences facilitated by passionate and knowledgeable staff. Learn more about Forest Springs' Outdoor Education program here.