We are excited to host your Virtual Birkie experiences here at Forest Springs - Home of the Hinderbinder Ski Race! 

Our trails are in excellent condition, Pisten Bully groomed for both classic and skate. We have a 12.5K loop that is marked for your virtual Birkie with a start/finish line by our trailhead. Our trail system is known for being a wonderful ski-in-the-woods with roller-coaster hills and some wonderful longer Birkie-like climbs.



If you choose to ski your virtual Birkie at Forest Springs, please check in at our Ministry Center in the main camp area at:

N8890 Forest Lane, Westboro, WI 54490. Once you have checked in - go out and enjoy your Birkie on our trails.
Let us know that you are skiing your race



Our marked loop is 12.5K. (maps at check-in and at the trailhead start line) The 12.5K will be clearly marked.
  • * For your Prince Haakon 14K - ski our 12.5K add a loop around our James Lake Trail (2K)
  • * For your Kortelopet 26K - ski two 12.5K loops and add our Klister Trail (1K)
  • * For your American Birkie 43K - ski our 12.5K loop three times (37.5K) then add 5.5K by doing a 4th loop on the 12.5 loop but don't cross Rustic Road # 1 and finish the loop from there (that will be really close to 43K)

For safety - remove your skis and walk across Rustic Road each time you cross



There are rest rooms available in our Ministry Center

Parking is right by the Trailhead - so that you can rest and rehydrate between loops. There are no aid stations on the Birkie Loop. Be personally prepared for hydration and food as you need it.

Forest Springs' trails are open to the public daily during daylight hours - you can ski your Birkie any day 2/20-2/27 during day light hours. Non-Birkie skiers may be enjoying our trails while you are skiing your Birkie. If you have any needs while at Forest Springs, don't hesitate to ask for help.