Volunteering at Camp

Campers just like you, sharing the joy of serving God's people at Forest Springs!

Request an 'Opportunities to Serve' Preliminary Questionnaire from our program director.

  1. Request a Preliminary Questionnaire and return it.
  2. Submit a completed adult volunteer application sent to you after receiving the Preliminary Questionnaire.
  3. Once your application has been approved, you will be contacted about dates and areas of volunteer options.
  4. Housing and meals will be arranged for your time with us.
  5. You will have a staff supervisor coordinate your work responsibilities and see that you are adequately cared for with your housing and assignment(s).
Adult volunteer helping with maintenance

General Work Expectations

Adult volunteers are asked to contribute 6-8 hours per day unless other arrangements are made. A normal work day generally begins after breakfast and ends prior to supper.

Note: If you are interested in volunteering at camp September-May please contact our program director. For volunteering during the summer please see the summer staff page.