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A Safe and Fun Environment

Larry Hoffert - Program Director
Larry Hoffert - Program Director

Designed with your child in mind!

As a concerned parent, grandparent, or guardian it is understandable to ask, “Is camp a safe place to send my child?” As Program Director at Forest Springs, I want you to know that we take that concern very seriously.

We care deeply about the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of kids. Let me share with you how we make Forest Springs a safe place to bring your child for a week of camp.

Staff with the highest spiritual integrity…

Hiring for all staff begins with prayer…lots of it. We believe that the Lord will guide and direct who He wants to bring to camp. Applicants complete an application that requires honest, detailed responses regarding their testimony, lifestyle, and convictions. Each segment requires staff to support their responses Biblically. Next, each personal reference is contacted for information regarding the applicant’s skills, integrity, and character. Pending a positive one hour interview, a full, certified criminal background check is conducted on every applicant before he/she is hired and given the responsibility to supervise your child. Through this process I know that we are getting staff members who are honorable, have a heart to serve the Lord, their campers, and share the love of Christ with those campers.

Equipped with knowledge and skills…

Counselor Training Institute
Counselor Training Institute

Forest Springs seeks to train staff with excellence. Our counselors are college age students with a heart for ministry and who complete our Counselor Training Institute, an intense two-week college level practicum. The course teaches: counseling practices, youth culture trends, first aid and CPR certifications, teaching skills, emotional boundaries & safety, along with spiritual sensitivity. Each counselor is made familiar with each recreation activity offered, to assist campers and ensure their safety.

The first aid staff and waterfront director complete a 40 hour First Responder Course to respond to physical emergencies. All lifeguards and high ropes staff are certified and participate in training to maintain their protection skills.

Commitment against bullying…

Please know that because we desire that each camper have an enjoyable experience at camp, bullying is not tolerated. Every camper is asked to read and sign an agreement prior to arrival that makes clear the behavior expected from each camper.

I hope that you would see Forest Springs as a safe and fun environment where campers can experience deeper aspects of God and His creation. We look forward to meeting your child this summer. Please call with any questions you may have.

Larry Hoffert

Mother and Daughters

Growing Together

A Mother's Honest Testimony

“Sending my nine and eleven year old girls to youth camp stretched my faith as I entrusted my children to the staff of Forest Springs. I prayed that God would hand pick the counselors my girls needed to fit their specific needs. I brought special food for one of my girls and one needed medication.

The counselors and staff took wonderful care of them and built beautiful relationships with them.

I prayed a lot before they left for camp that God would speak to their hearts. This was the result: my eleven year old wrote me a note that said “I feel like God is speaking to me to make new friends and not just be with the friends I already know.” My nine year old came home wanting to read her Bible and asked me to print out a child’s Bible reading plan for her. My eleven year old came home talking about a parable jar where their cabin thought of something that they learned that day, then they would tell a story that relates to that, like Jesus did in His parables. She continues to talk about that jar at home.”

Cathy / Mother