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Employment Opportunities

One of the great strengths of the ministry of Forest Springs is the quality of its staff. We are blessed with many wonderful staff who have a great heart for the Lord and for ministry.

From time to time, we have needs for year-round staff. Here are a few of our current needs… please contact us if you are possibly interested in serving the Lord at Forest Springs!

Full-Time, Missionary Positions

The core group of our long term staff are referred to as our missionary staff. We consider ourselves a home mission, and require that our long-term, full-time staff raise their own financial support to be at Forest Springs.

However, we do not expect brand new staff to raise their own financial support when they first start at camp; instead, to help explore the possibility of whether or not camp is a “good fit” for them, we will offer a one-year salaried contract to a potential staff member, while we mutually evaluate the possibility of a long-term staff relationship.

Please find below the position(s) we are currently looking to fill:

Accommodations Director - Forest Springs (Westboro, WI)

This person will be responsible for the oversight and cleanliness of the facilities, research best cleaning practices, and set the vision for accommodations to help young people spiritually and develop their work ethic. 

If interested, contact Jon Classen at [email protected] or by calling (715) 427-5241.   

Accommodations Specialist - Forest Springs (Westboro, WI)

This person will assist in the oversight of cleaning crews, along with cleaning and preparing the facilities for guests when they arrive. 

If interested, contact Jon Classen at [email protected] or by calling (715) 427-5241. 

Graphic Designer - Forest Springs (Westboro, WI)

The Graphic Designer manages the creation and design of promotional and development materials and accurately and professionally communicates the programs and mission of Forest Springs. This person would begin with a one-year, paid contract. Willingness to join missionary staff would be evaluated after the end of a one year contract. See the full ministry description here

If interested, please contact Jason Dananay at [email protected] or by calling (715) 427-5241. 

Head Cook - Forest Springs (Westboro, WI)

This person will work in conjunction with the Food Service Director in preparing meals and giving direction to staff and volunteers serving in the kitchen. They need some knowledge of food prep, safety, and the ability to lead people and adjust as necessary when serving a meal. 

If interested, please contact Jon Classen at [email protected] or by calling (715) 427-5241. 

IT Systems Specialist - Forest Springs (Westboro, WI)

This person will work alongside the System Administrator in providing help desk support, troubleshooting for hardware and software issues, and helping to implement new technology initiatives across all three ministries. Knowledge or experience in the use of computers, databases, and other information systems would be preferred for this position. 

If interested, please contact Jon Classen at jon.classe[email protected] or by calling (715) 427-5241. 

Contract Staff Positions

Contract staff at Forest Springs commit to a one-year contract at Forest Springs, where they receive a salary, healthcare, on-site housing and other benefits. 

Please find below the contract staff position(s) we are currently looking to fill:

Administrative Coordinator - Forest Springs (Westboro, WI)

The Administrative Coordinator provides administrative assistance to the executive director in the areas of executive administration, insurance, finances, and the board of directors.See the full ministry description here

If interested, please contact Pat Petkau at [email protected] or by calling (715) 427-5241. 

Summer Ministry and Volunteering at Camp

If you are interested in serving at camp during the summer, you may see more information on the Summer Ministry section of our website.

Or, if you would like to volunteer your time at camp during any time of the year, e-mail our volunteer coordinator here or call us at 715-427-5241.