Trailhead - Opportunities for Growth

A Gap Year Discipleship Program

Trailhead Overview

Stop. Reflect. Grow

Gap Year - "Time off with a purpose.” It is not a time to do nothing, but is an intentional time of reflection and discovery before a major transition in life.

Our culture tells high school grads they need to have it all figured out. In many cases, it's just not possible. Not without time to stop and reflect anyway...

Forest Springs' Trailhead Program, a nine-month discipleship program, was born out of a desire to help high school graduates hit the pause button on life, plan their next steps, gain independence and cement their personal faith before entering college or the workforce. 

We believe that our camp community is uniquely equipped to provide both SUPPORT (with biblical truth) and INDEPENDENCE during this crucial life transition. Upon completion, our goal and desire is that each participant will have:

Upon completion…

our goal and desire is that each participant will have:

Dan & Laura Jacobson - Trailhead Director
Dan and Laura Jacobson - Trailhead Director
  • Asked his/her biggest questions about life and studied the Bible's answers. 
  • Assessed his/her gifting, interests, and skill-set in preparation for vocational pursuits. 
  • Understood the concept of worldview, and how Christian principles apply to all of life.
  • Cultivated the ability to perceive and evaluate the messages in media and culture. 
  • Developed a strong work ethic while serving alongside our staff in ministry. 
  • Learned the life skills needed for independent living (cooking, finances, laundry, etc.)
  • Experienced a year of strong Christian community and encouragement.
  • Had FUN together with friends on wilderness excursions and in life together at camp.

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