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Marriage Retreats at Forest Springs

Let's be honest, every married couple needs time away.

Marriage Retreats at Forest Springs provide a perfect environment for you and your spouse to disconnect from your every day tasks and obligations. With an array of relationship-building activities, opportunities for meaningful conversations and great biblical teachings, couples can come away feeling renewed and reconnected.  

Marriage Retreat 1

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Nov 5 - 7, 2021 (Fri–Sun)
$214 (Off-Site), $275/couple (Lakeside Cabin). $320/couple (Standard Cabin), $423/couple (Lodge Room)

Speaker: Dr. Mark Harris 

Dr. Mark Harris serves as the Executive Pastor of Church Ministries and is also one of the primary teaching pastors at a church in Appleton, WI. His deepest desire is to communicate God's Word accurately and relevantly. Mark came to know Christ as a little boy at an AWANA club meeting in 1969, at his small urban church. It was just a few years later that Mark started on a quest to, one day, be a pastor. Mark and his wife of 30 years, Teresa, have four grown children. 

Marriage Retreat 2

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Nov 12 – 14, 2021 (Fri–Sun)
$214 (Off-Site), $275/couple (Lakeside Cabin), $320/couple (Standard Cabin), $423/couple (Lodge Room) 

Speaker: Jay and Laura Laffoon 

Jay and Laura Laffoon like to call themselves "marriage edu-tainers," combining education with entertainment. Their humorous and entertaining transparency offers couples permission to laugh with each other and courage to continue growing a future together. They have two children: daughter Grace and son, Tomey, who is married to Shana, a wonderful addition to the family. Jay and Laura founded Celebrate Ministries, Inc. in 1995. 


General Information

Couple enjoying a walk
A couple enjoying one of the beautiful trails


  • Early registration is available to guests from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 


  • Registration from 6:00-8:00 p.m.
  • Pizza and snacks may be purchased at our Cafe.
  • Evening session, followed by activities


  • Breakfast, followed by session
  • Lunch, followed by activities 
  • Dinner, followed by session and activities


  • Morning session and brunch. Ends at noon.


Standard Cabin
Spruce Cabin



Option 1 - Standard Cabin ($320/Couple) 
Individual unit with double bed and bunks, private bath. Towels/bedding not provided.

Option 2 - Lakeside Cabin ($275/couple) 
Individual unit with bunk beds and bath nearby. Towels/bedding not provided.

Option 3 - Lodge Room ($423/couple) 
King bed with private bath. Towels/bedding provided. Call or email for availability of the Lodge Rooms.

Option 4 - Offsite Accommodations ($214/couple)
Stay off-site at a local hotel and enjoy all Marriage Retreat programs at Forest Springs. Call us at 715-427-5241 for hotel recommendations. 

Concerning Children: We want you to enjoy a wonderful time away without your normal family responsibilities. Please find care for your children so that you and others can enjoy your time away from it all. 

Marriage Retreat 1 
Date: Nov. 5-7, 2021
Speaker: Dr. Mark Harris
Fee: $214couple (Off site), $320/couple (Standard Cabin), $423/couple (Lodge Room) 
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Marriage Retreat 2
Date: Nov. 12-14, 2021
Speaker: Jay & Laura Laffoon 
Fee: $214/couple (Off Site), $320/couple (Standard Cabin), $423/couple (Lodge Room)
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